John A. Stonis and Friends
H Company

submitted by Juliana Stonis
February 8, 2002

Hi Ben,

I wanted to forward you some pictures that my dad (John A. Stonis) had in the hopes you can put them on the 517th site. Sorry I don't know much about the pictures, maybe seeing them online will help refresh people's memories (including my dad's).

Thanks for everything,
Juliana Stonis

My dad John Stonis (on right) and his friend (unknown)

Left to right: Bob Barnes, unidentified, Sheldon Donovan, John Stonis, Ed Winship. (People identified by Bob Barnes)

Left to right: Louis Sansone, Duvall Cole, Jack Dome, John Stonis and Ed Winship. Kneeling: Bob Barnes.
Taken at airfield at Camp McCall. Probably taken by Dan Chapin. All were from H Co. (photo info supplied by Bob Barnes)

Ed Winship is in the from on the right. Rest unknown

Unknown. Hopefully someone will recognize some of these guys. The picture was really bad..

3rd from left, back row, is Jim Sutcliffe


 My wife, Yvonne (Downs) Rose and I think we have identified her father in a picture that was sent to you by the daughter of John Stonis.

Looking at the picture I have attached, we think that maybe Herbert Downs is in the back-row, 2nd from left. Jay Sutcliffe's father is 3rd.

Herbert was only 5' 4" 120lbs. one of the smallest men in H company.

Jay Sutcliffe has identified the man on the far right, back row, as trooper John Stonis.

I have attached the email messages I have had with Jay Sutcliffe also.

We may need your opinion to help us.

Thanks for your time and the wonderful web-sight you maintain.

David Rose
Son-n-law of Herbert Downs

I'm not sure who it is, doesn't really look like my dad but who knows.

Toccoa Hospital in Georgia