2nd Battalion Officers

Camp Toccoa, GA, 1943

(Full size below)

Found an old photograph of 2nd Battalion Officers at Camp Toccoa, May 1943. General Seitz was still a Major and my father a Captain.  Dad annotated the names of the officers on the back of the photo.  Here goes (forgive any misspellings):

Front: Row: (1) unknown, (2) Lt. Jack West (HQ), (3) Lt. John Lissner (F), (4) Capt. MacKenzie (McKinley?) (F), (5) Capt. Ed Brooks (E), (6) Capt. Tom Cross BnXO, (7) Maj. R. J. Seitz, Bn CMDR, (8) Capt. Robert Clauer, HQCo, (9) Capt. David Armstrong (D), (10) Lt. William Hale, (11) Lt. Bruno Selmi, HQCo, (12) Lt. Loren James (D), (13) Lt. Francis White, HQCo

Back Row: (14) Lt. Paul Lewis, HQCo., (15) Lt. Carl Starkey, (D), (16) Lt. Steve Kotchy, (17) Lt. Paul Way, (18) Lt. T. Paul Quigley (E), (19) Lt. R.C. Lilley, (20) Lt. M.J. Miley, (21) Lt. Dean Robbins (D, later C), (22) Lt. E.R. Cavan, (23) Lt. Clarence MacCollum, (24) Lt. George Giucchici (F), (25) Lt. Joseph Kizelwicz (E), (26) Lt. Walter Irwin, HQCo (LMG), (27) Lt. Ed Danziger,  (28) Lt. Witt(?) (D) , (29) Lt. Harry Riddle,  (30) Lt. Ed Brearly (E), (31) Lt. Murray Jones (F), (32) Lt. Annon Jorgen


Received from Wayne Cross
, 2010