Lt. Warren Caulfield

F/H/I Companies

Here are the photos from my father Lt Warren Caulfield. I'll add notes where possible with the pictures. I'll be sending 3 groups of Photos-hope you can use some of them.
Shelly Caulfield Azeff

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This group is from Jan 6 1941 and he states that Troop B was no longer and became federalized US Army as the 101st Anti Tank battalion and sent to Fort Benning, Georgia. Tents with wood stoves, field training on Anti tank gun. Hanging with Charles Schlossinger and Marshall deBerke. Training. Beer Party for group promoted to noncommissioned officers. Going for a long hike. Charles Schlossinger and me. Birmingham and Louisiana manoevers.

Group 2 these pictures are backward in order.-I'll put in the info as dad put it but start at the bottom and work up (sorry i'm not savvy enough to switch it)
After maneuvers became 801st tank destroyers-appeared before Board of Officers to go to Officers candidate school. camp Hood-1st row bottom left-"after 5 tough weeks and 5 jumps I graduated from the Airborne School in July 1943. was assigned to 517th Parachute Infantry Regiment at Camp McKalls, North Carolina. FCompany, 2nd Platoon, and fooling around. getting ready for a jump. Colored picture is Jack Burnhardt and me at Pompeii Italy. Our 1st taste of combat in Italy after Anzio battle at Carsina and near Rome. Outside of Rome, getting ready for a jump into Southern France. Myself with Brown-Chaplin's driver at Coliseum in Rome.

Last group. the war Pictures are Aug 15,1944 3:30am jumped into France and landed in the mountains 20 miles from the drop zone. Landed in a tree-was injured and a priest helped him into a home and treated quite a few of the 517th. Pictures of English Paratroopers and Gliders coming in to help. Drying of Chutes. Village and rest time. Parade in Nice and girls giving us wine. Prisoners and girls with shaved heads for fraternizing with the Germans. Using prisoners to carry our wounded. Same picture as Lt. Rosenberry (left of me in picture) with 2 who worked in the motor pool and the other is a medical noncom in regiment on our night out.


He wrote - "November 2 after 90 days on the line in South France, we were returning to St. Sossoin, France for the holidays. After arriving and getting everything for a good Christmas party. In December, the Battle of the Bulge, we were put in trucks and attached to the 82nd Airborne Division. We were broken up into different battalions to fight with other organizations. Some went to St. Vith, etc and when finished we were in Bergunstein, Germany and involved in the largest minefield in the war. At this time, I was a liaison officer with Lt Clark between the 517 corp and the 18 corp. Gen'l Ridgeway was the commander. I had requested to get back to the line through Colonel Zeits. He had me assigned to H Company 3rd Battalion (his old battalion).

Within 24 hours I went from Platoon leader to company commander from 90 to 150 men. We met German Paratroopers-they were tough. Feb 7th I was wounded and received Bronze star citation. then we were sent to a staging area to jump over the Rhine but Gen'l Patton beat us to this area. April the war ended and I was sent to Joigny and they started breaking up the 517th. I came home with the 13th Airborne and landed in Camp Devons, Mass."

Shelly Caulfield Azeff


Received from Shelly Caulfield Azeff

February 2013