Pvt. Wallace W. Wheat
E Company

Dear Ben,

I have a couple of photos of some paratroopers.  One of them is my father, Wallace V. Wheat who was in Co E of the 517th PCT in 1943-1944.

I would like to see if you can put them on the website and that the other men can be identified and possibly can be forwarded or copied by the families.  I have looked for months through hundreds of pictures and haven't found my father's picture anywhere and I know if someone is out there researching like I am, they would be grateful to get these pictures.

Now, my father somehow transferred over to the 82nd airborne, Hqtrs Co 1st Bat. of the 505th during early 1945 and I can't distinguish which pictures are of him in the 517th or the 505th.

But, since he was definitely in the 517th, I thought maybe we could put the pictures up on your site.

Debra Wheat Baudoin