Zoot Snyder

A Company

 Dear Ben and Bob,

Here are 2 photos of Zoot Snyder taken in Southern France as well as a short biography

It would be really great if you could kindly add the photos [to] your website.

After receiving a nice email comment from Zoot Snyder on my www.dogface45.skyblog.com, we have kept in touch since and have become good friends.

Here is the short biography:

Zoot Snyder was in Co. A from the beginning when it was formed in Toccoa, Georgia until the war in Europe ended. Although he received a Purple Heart for wounds received in Italy he never was evacuated or missed a day of combat. He jumped in Southern France and went thru the Bulge and into Germany. His position with A Co. was rifleman, runner and radio operator for Company Headquarters. His favorite Company Commander and friend was Major Don Fraser who he jumped with into Southern France. When the war ended in Europe he transferred to the 82nd Airborne Division to remain in Berlin, Germany for the occupation.

C-47 photo with helmet on

This photo, taken in Italy on August 14th, 1944, is a PRE-enactment the day before the jump. Note the camouflaged uniform and the fact that grease paint has not yet been applied to hands and face. None of the Enlisted men were issued side arms but Zoot Snyder and several others had German P-38s acquired in Italy combat.


Picture with the Guinea Pig

French Maritime Alps, 1944, Zoot Snyder on his way to Nice holding a Guinea Pig. Note the “Nice-l’Escarene” traffic sign in the background. Shortly after the picture was taken, Zoot gave the Guinea Pig to a local civilian.


I'm including the "c-47" picture of Zoot Snyder taken on august 14th 1944 and another one where we can clearly see his German P-38 and camo uniform.

thanks for your help and support

I'm really glad you all had a great reunion!

Thanks for your help and best regards from Europe,

Gilles G


Received July, 2007