Col de Braus, Southern France

1944 vs. 2006

Hello Webmaster

You will find attached 4 pictures:
* 2 from 1944
* & 2 from this wonderful WE of October 2006 at the same place but 62 years later.
Those photos are in addition to those already sent by Alain Fine for the 62nd anniversary of the combats of the col de Braus

Those pictures have been realised with 2 reennactor Club:
* 44 Memories
* Dragoon

As you can see things haven't changed too much after that time but be sure that we will keep alive the 517th memories .

Best regards

David fouan
44 Memories members


The first one is the bunker occupied by the 1st Battalion CP at col de braus in September 1944


29th of October 2006


"A" Company 1st battalion in front of "la maison cantonnière" September 1944


29th of October 2006