Col de Braus, Southern France - 1944 vs. 2006

Videos by Alain Fine, in memory of Floyd Polk

hello webmaster,

Here are 2 films in format quicktime. can you use them on your Web site? I will send them to you in two mails. + an English text of moving the history by floyd polk, the friend of my father, Alain Fine.

chris fine

Note: These are large files in Quicktime .mov format


Part 1 (5 MB)


Part 2 (6 Mb)

"It is with a sharp emotion that Alain Fine tells the history of the catch of the peak of Braus:

"German was in ambush and drew on the American troops which went up on the road of the col of Braus. In the night a small group of the 517th to taken by storm the place and with killed German présents.  Floyd Polk made party of the group. In a German bag it found bread, Floyd took it and shared it with his comrades." Alain Fine remade gesture in remembering his friend Floyd."


Received December 31, 2006
from Christophe Fine