517th Parachute Regimental Combat Team

Wallpaper Instructions

Many of you have learned how to turn this logo into a wallpaper on your computer. Here are the general instructions. (You can do this with most graphic items.)
  1. Place your mouse over the picture to the left.
  2. Quick method: Use the right mouse button, and select "Set as wallpaper". Go to step #6 below.
  3. To save the decal as an image file for later use, continue.
  4. Use the right mouse button, and select "Save picture as..."
  5. Remember what directory and location that you save the file to. The file will be called "decal.gif" unless you rename it. [AOL may try to save this as an "ART" type file, which is their own format. I don't know if this will work as a wallpaper.]
  6. Shrink down enough windows so that you can see the computer's current background wallpaper.
  7. Place the mouse over any empty space on the background.
  8. Use the right mouse button, and select "Properties"
  9. On the "Background" tab, browse your computer to the location where you put the decal.gif file, then select that file.
  10. I prefer to Center, not Tile, the file, then go to the "Appearance" tab and place a simple, solid background around the decal. I like Navy (sorry) Blue.