A Company

Camp Toccoa, GA, 1943

Captain Herbert M. Bowlby Jr, Commanding

(Full size below)

I scanned and ‘stitched’ together the above photo of Company A at Camp Toccoa.  I don’t believe that you have Company A on the site’s photo collection.

Dad (George A Sullivan) is front row sitting seventh from the right.

Roger Sullivan

In the pictures below, Mel Trenary identified some of the troopers (December 2014)

"I recognize a lot of Company A, but can't remember the names.  At least I remember a few.  Maybe someone else can help.  A lot of us are gone now.  I remember someone had this picture and got everyone to sign it ti that person in the picture.  Hekkala had it for a while.  He passed away a few years ago, so I don't know who has it now." - Mel Trenary


Received from Roger Sullivan
, 2011


Subject: Company A at Camp Toccoa

 In reviewing the 517 site on this memorial day, I came across some discussion on the photo for Company A at Camp Toccoa.  

The link (http://517prct.org/photos/a_co_toccoa/a_company_camp_toccoa_1943.htm ) included the image forwarded by Roger Sullivan in 2011 with some referenced names by Mel Trenary of the unit.

This jogged a memory of a similar project that I worked with Gene “Zoot” Snyder of A Company at the 2010 Palm Springs Reunion involving scanning and stitching a marked up image with many of the names listed. The original source was credited to Jack Smothers. I “thought” I sent this on at the time, but it looks like it never was processed.

As an item of note, Roger has his dad as the 7th from the left, but the image lists him as the 7th from the right. 

I will also go through some of the other scanning projects I was involved in at the time and make sure that you have copies.

So in memory of all of these guys from the greatest generation, enjoy! We all owe a great deal of gratitude to them.

Steve Markle - May 2015