more of Chester A. Wells

H Company

Mike and Bob,
Attached are 2 more photos of Chester Wells identified as being in Sospel, France. (see
Chester A. Wells)  Mike - I'm copying you because the first shows the sign better than the others. And the second is perhaps another view of Howard Hughes in the foxhole. Let me know if you have these, too, and if they are labeled.

Bob- I don't think soldier with the the sign is Howard Hughes as the hairline and shirt are different than in the other 2 Chester identified as Howard. But I could be wrong. The 3rd (with cross) has a different group of men than the others in this series. I'll send you more in a separate message.

Thanks again, Elaine

A couple more where the troopers can be seen pretty well. Is the one on the left in the window maybe Chester Wells?
Thanks, Elaine


Bob (cc: Mike)
I sent the attached in a group to you a couple of days ago. This afternoon, while trying to estimate dates and find some names I found a copy of this one in the section of photos in the middle of "The Battling Buzzards" by Gerald Astor. He is identified as Richard Robb and the photo is courtesy of same (he is listed in the index as on a number of pages). In the Dec 1944 roster Richard B Robb is listed as a sergeant under Company H.


from Elaine Berger
Received July, 2007