Manhay 1944

More news and photos of Manhay 1944 from Eddy Montfort:

See also previous Manhay photos from Eddy at Manhay 44 and Winship

Dear Mr Barrett,

I hope that all is fine for you !I write you to asking you a last help, before I give my book to the editor.

I have two other photos from men of the Company H/517th that were taken in Manhay on December 1944.  These photos were given to Jean-François Dahin from Manhay by a veteran of the 517th, when some members of your unit came back in Belgium in 1990. I think that is from Daniel Chapin H/517th.

My request is following :  Can you call for me, Mr Chapin for asking him the name of these soldiers ?  I'm in touch with Dan Chapin, but if I write to him via postmail, it will be to late before the publication. Give him my best wishes !  I ask to Jean-François Dahin the name of the men, but he lost the list.

I included the photos next to. Of course, you can use these photos for your website so' these photos are credit to Mr Daniel Chapin !  Maybe you recognize these men ?

The first February, I will give my writings to the editor. The book will have 240 pages with 150 photos and several maps etc...



15, Rue de la Gotte
Email: R.  Joseph Tylka, Edward Winship and Maurice Masich.


Maurice Masich


Received January 15, 2004