Pvt. Odas Sweet, H Company

Part 3

Hi Bob,
       My mom found these documents and gave them to me for safe keeping. One is signed by Harry Truman and one is signed by John F Kennedy. I was impressed and would like to share with the 517th. I wonder if anyone else received the same documents from the presidents.?? The one from Kennedy was sent away for in the early 60's before he was assassinated. After sharing them would you please add them to the rest of the pictures that I sent in for Odas Sweet? You are much appreciated for what you do. I also found French money that he brought home with him. The last time I saw that was 50 plus years ago when I used to look through his war things as a child.....Wow! He was promoted to Private First Class on the same day as Jim Suttcliffe while in the 517th. Before he was with the 517th he was in the 504th A co and after leaving the 517th in June of 1945 he was back with the 504th co E in occupied Germany until he came home on the same victory ship the Onieda with the 517th. It's amazing how much I have learned since finding the 517th web site. Dad died when I was four years old in 1959 and I didn't remember much about him. I am proud of him for what he did in WWII.
Rick Sweet ,son of Odas Sweet

A Battlin' Buzzard and Devil in baggy pants



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received  February 2012

from Rick Sweet